Authority Window Repair Inc offers a range of business and residential 3services for leaky, split, broken double glazed window glass or foggy glass in all types of windows and doors.

  • If you have any of your windows cracked.
  • If you have broken glazed window.
  • If condensation forming in or around your windows.

With all of these are happening, we`ll be happy to help.

We specialize in house window repair and glass replacement. Our manufacturers and fabricators provide us with materials of the best quality and amazing prices so you’re guaranteed quality service. After we’ve evaluated the situation, measured the glass, arranged the repair or replacement and negotiated the price, we’ll schedule the installation as soon as we’ve received the new glass.

Let’s talk about your
window problems

Your frames and glass will match the original as much as possible, and a guarantee of quality will be the same as for the production of a new window!